Sculptor and
Commercial Artist

Since 1978 I have combined exhibition sculpture with commercial commissions. Fine shaping and accuracy have been hallmarks of my work. Although principally studio based my work has often had architectural applications. I have a Fine Art MA from the Royal College of Art and was elected to the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) in 2003.

Commissioned work has encompassed model-making, heraldic sculpture, public artwork and interiors features. My exhibition sculpture and drawings have been shown and sold at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) and other galleries in southern England.

Wood, plastics and resins are my predominant materials. Machining and hand shaping from drawn imagery are my usual techniques. Due to a life-long interest in measured drawing I can quickly produce and interpret technical drawings. Many of my projects incorporate preliminary schematic drawing using traditional draughtsmanship skills.

My projects sometimes require out-sourced light industrial processes. This has produced a familiarity with many industrial processes such as metal fabrication, metal plating, paint spraying, fibreglass moulding, bronze casting, and timber construction. I frequently also liaise with designers, architects and manufacturers in the course of making commissioned work.

This website demonstrates the breadth of my capacities and includes very recent work alongside archived images.